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Window Cleaner Smart Robot Pro Lazer ABIR + Water Spray + High Vacuum

Window Cleaner Smart Robot Pro Lazer ABIR + Water Spray + High Vacuum

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  1. Artificial Intelligence Al: ABIR WD8 is equipped with artificial intelligence, which makes it smart and adaptive for various window cleaning tasks.
  2. Innovative Dual ultrasonic spraying system: Our robot is equipped with a dual spraying system capable of working in three directions. An effective ultrasonic atomizer atomizes water, thoroughly softening and removing stains without the need for manual work. This ensures high efficiency and economical use, as well as significantly reduces the time spent on window cleaning.
  3. Efficient water spraying without repetitive path: The robot performs water spraying in three directions consistent with its movement. When he washes on the left, he sprays water on the left; similarly on the right and bottom. This avoids repeated passes and ensures efficient cleaning without slipping on a wet surface.
  4. Powerful vacuum suction: With a suction power of 3000 Pa and a vertical load of 7 kg, the robot fits securely to the window, ensuring the stability and safety of the washing process.
  5. Convenient operation: Easily control the robot via a mobile app or remote control. You can choose manual or automatic water spraying and set up a variety of cleaning modes.
  6. 4 cleaning modes: Choose from four modes for optimal window cleaning in different conditions.
  7. Low noise: Enjoy window cleaning without unnecessary noise thanks to the low noise level of the robot.
  8. Ultra-thin body: Its compact design allows it to easily penetrate narrow spaces.
  9. Smart Memory System: ABIR WD8 is equipped with a Smart Memory system. After cleaning is completed, it returns to its original position. This makes it easy to remove the robot from the outside of the window after washing.
  10. Voice notification: You can get a report on the robot's status at any time. In addition, it notifies you when the water heater is empty. This ensures convenience and awareness in the process of use.
  11. Wide application: The WD8 robot is suitable for a variety of smooth surfaces, including mirrors, marble countertops, tiles, smooth wooden doors and more. Its versatility makes it an ideal choice for different scenes and spaces.
  12. German brushless motor: The robot is equipped with a German brushless motor, which ensures a long service life and minimizes noise. The design of the super drive makes the robot work faster than many other similar washing robots. This guarantees high efficiency of cleaning your windows.
  13. High -quality Cleaning Pad: our cleaning pad has a unique form that does not deform and has a high water retention. This cloth pad is easily erased in the car and can be used many times. The microvar -accommodation of the pillow provides powerful dust removal and excellent absorption of water, providing thorough and effective cleaning.
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